Are you worried about wildfire?

Every year, the world seems to catch a little more on fire. It’s no shock that more folks are starting to worry about their homes whether they’re in the thick of the mountains, or even in more foothill areas.

Did you know that protecting your home from wildfire is actually YOUR responsibility as a home owner? But you’re no expert on creating a defensible space…how should you know?

While, there is a plethora of information out there, the best course of action is hiring a Wildfire Prepared Forestry Contractor like J Wood to come and assess your space. Jim, the owner of J Wood, is one of just 18 approved contractors that work within the wildfire prepared program in Colorado. He consistently updates his certification and training yearly. You can trust that Jim will take care to create a defensible space within the guidelines of Colorado’s most professional wildfire planners.

We know you love that tree that keeps your house a little more private to neighbors, but that tree could ultimately be the cause of the loss of your home.

Hiring a wildfire mitigator like J Wood can seem a bit costly, but it’s a small price to pay to potentially save your home from wildfire.

Ready to get an assessment of your property?

Call J Wood today!

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