Is Your Utility Bill Going Off the Charts?

If you haven’t heard, utility bills are going to be out of this world in early 2023! My energy bill more than doubled from December to January. So you know what you can do to help bring that utility cost down?

Use firewood to heat your home!

Firewood is a natural and clean way to heat your home and bring down your energy bill. It costs less than a gas fireplace to run.

Burning firewood in your home creates a pleasant aroma and aura AND brings lighting. It’s wins all around.

It’s been a cold winter already so don’t wait! J Wood offers seasoned firewood, mixed pine, in loose cords.

Call J Wood to get your firewood delivered today. Local delivery is free anywhere near the Bailey, Pine, Conifer, Evergreen, Morrison, Shawnee area and radius.


Stay Warm Friends!

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