Why is Bailey, Colorado Great?

When I was 6 years old, my parents moved to Bailey, Colorado and I don’t even think THEY knew how wonderful a place it truly is. There are a million reasons why Bailey is awesome, but I’m going to talk about one particular reason today.

Bailey holds the most supportive community.

And with this statement, I mean in SO many ways. When there is tragedy, the people come together. They support each other. When something is going on in the town that people don’t like, they rally together to change and shift it. Local government, democracy, working at its finest. Most of all, Bailey lifts up it’s small businesses and keeps out big chains in a way I’ve never witnessed in the US.

I have had the luxury of traveling all over the world, and all over the country. One thing that you can’t avoid in most small towns is big chains: WalMart, McDonalds, etc. They’re everywhere. They’ve infiltrated everything. And in this regard, Bailey has every small town in America beat! Bailey has community, great public schools, beautiful surroundings, decent infrastructure, and NO chains! Our biggest chain is Loaf n Jug which is a gasoline station and in Bailey, the most well known meeting place.

I truly don’t know how Bailey has maintained this for so long, but it’s the quality I absolutely love about the town. No business has been pushed out due to chains. And for that reason, small businesses thrive like they should in Bailey Colorado.

My dad started J Wood in 2014. A firewood and wildfire mitigation/tree service business. He expanded through the area only by word of mouth! This yielded him incredible results. And here I am, helping him expand into the online universe to reach a few more people. And I know I will because Bailey people stick together and support each other’s businesses. If you live in or near Bailey, I hope you take a moment to appreciate this beautiful fact about it. Something I never knew to appreciate until I became an adult.

So, take advantage of your neighborhood businesses!

Especially this winter, and if you need firewood, you better know who to call!

Stay warm Bailiens! 🙂

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