One Thing About Mountain-Living That Kinda Sucks…

As a person who loves being off the grid and out of range, it’s heartbreaking for me to write this.

Ok, not heartbreaking, but the anti-social part of me loves to be in my mountain home of Bailey, Colorado with the capacity to escape and never answer anyone’s calls or emails. The social butterfly and very communicative part of me HATES the mountains and it’s lack of service range.

The mountains of Colorado are infamously known for their spotty cell service, frequently dropped calls, and low bars everywhere you go. Everyone you know has called you at some point and said, “I’m about to go through the chutes, I’ll probably los….”

You know what happens next…

And it kinda sucks.

Anyway, this blog isn’t directed at cell service companies to come out and fix the signal. We don’t want that.

This blog IS directed at our wonderful and loyal customers, and especially our new customers to understand the troubles J Wood has been having over the last month. Jim thought he was doing right by the business by investing in a NEW PHONE! Little did he know, he would no longer get service at his own home, making business communication VERY difficult.

He is unable to answer any calls at his home property and must do all the business calls on the J Wood site. Normally, I would think this is a great barrier for my never-shutting-off father to keep some business boundaries, but my dad is a lot like me and we can’t leave unfinished business. Jim likes to please his customers round the clock, and he is struggling with his inability to do so.

So, if you’re one of our recent customers, we are thanking you extra for being patient with us during this frustrating time. If you’re a customer about to order firewood, we love you, please do, but just take into account our current spotty service problem and know that we are doing our best to manage it!

If you haven’t been able to get ahold of J Wood, please email us at And I will personally take care of ya 🙂

peace and love, Alex

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